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Atrophic Patterns of the Frontal-Subcortical Circuits in …

11/6/2015 · Second, these atrophic patterns were correlated with impaired cognitive function. Finally, atrophy of the left lateral orbitofrontal gyrus was related to cognitive impairment. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to assess the patterns of atrophy in subregions of the frontal-subcortical circuits of AD patients.

Classification of atrophic mucosal patterns on Blue …

29/3/2018 · Background Atrophic gastritis can be classified according to characteristic mucosal patterns observed by Blue LASER Imaging (BLI) in a medium-range to distant view. Aims To facilitate the endoscopic diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori (HP)-related gastritis, we investigated whether atrophic mucosal patterns correlated with HP infection based on the image …
Journal of Postgraduate Gynecology & Obstetrics: Interpretation Of An Atypical Pattern On Non-stress Test
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Atrophic endometrium
Atrophic endometrium, also inactive endometrium, is the normal finding in postmenopausal women. It is also known as atrophy of the endometrium and endometrial atrophy. An introduction to the endometrium is found in the endometrium article.
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Cerebral atrophy
Cerebral atrophy is the morphological presentation of brain parenchymal volume loss that is frequently seen on cross-sectional imaging. Rather than being a primary diagnosis, it is the common endpoint for range disease processes that affect the c
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Atrophic and a Mixed Pattern of Acne Scars Improved …

Although atrophic acne scars tend to respond to laser treatment, the deeper ice pick and boxcar scars tend to be laser resistant. Objective. To investigate the treatment of atrophic and a mixed pattern of facial acne scars, we evaluated a 1320‐nm Nd:YAG laser.
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Breathing in clean air, start with nasal irrigation Every one of us breathes in more than ten thousand liters of air every day. But it is not pure air, there are pollen, dust, mites, animal dander, molds spores, bacteria and viruses floating instead. When the nose is clogged with dirt, respiratory symptoms become unavoidable. One of the most effective ways to prevent …
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Effects of Testosterone Treatment on Endometrial …

The relative proportions of atrophic and proliferative endometrium (atrophic and proliferative pattern) in the three groups before and after treatment are shown in Table 2. All of the women in the T group demonstrated an atrophic pattern ( i.e . exhibiting histopathology of insufficient tissue/atrophic or inactive endometrium) both before and after treatment.
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Cytologic patterns
The following are the general categories of cytologic interpretation: Non-diagnostic No cytologic abnormalities Inflammation Hyperplasia/dysplasia Neoplasia Note: Often more than one category is present, as inflammation can result in dysplastic changes in the surrounding tissue and inflammation often accompanies a neoplastic process. Non-diagnostic samples There are …

Oral Lichen Planus
Oral Lichen Planus Lichen planus is a disease that can affect the skin and any lining mucosa. This could be the oral, esophageal, vaginal mucosa as well as the skin. Often, it is found only in the oral cavity. Overall, lichen planus affects approximately 2 percent of