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I see that I’m icy I see that I’m icy ***歌詞來自第三方*** 相關歌曲 是但求其愛 陳奕迅 呼吸有害 (電視劇《飛虎之雷霆極戰》主題曲) 莫文蔚 哭牆 (電視劇《香港愛情故事》片尾曲) 谷婭溦 讓愛高飛 (電視劇《多功能老婆》片尾曲
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Gucci Mane – Icy Lyrics
Lyrics to ‘Icy’ by Gucci Mane. I’m icy, I’m icy, I’m icy, I’m icy I’m icy, I’m icy, I’m icy, I’m icy All these girls excited Ooh, ya know they like it She diggin’ my fit, she think I’m the shit Is this a chain on my neck or the watch in my wrist? Maybe the ice in my ear or my
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(+) ICY (English Ver.)
KPOP LYRICS LIST MELON TOP 100 GENIE TOP 100 BUGS TOP 100 (+) ICY (English Ver.) (+) ICY (English Ver.) (ROMANIZATION) 2021-01-31 16:49:52 View original Hey hey hey ya Woo beep beep Hey hey hey hey hey hey
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ITZY (있지) ICY (English Version) lyrics: Hey, hey, hey, yo! / Woo! Beep beep / Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey / I se Become a translator Request new lyrics translation Menu Lyrics Artists Songs Translations Translation requests Transcription requests Idioms
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(+) ICY (English Ver.)
Baby that’s me, icy Uh Shout out to my mama And big ups to my papa ‘Cause I got the best of both of ya Ta-da-da-da-da-da Forget it, just let it go (Here we go) Make way ‘cause we’re on a roll (On a roll) Start up the soundtrack for me Bomb bomb bomb bomb
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『IT’z ICY(2020.03.09 発売)』収録 作詞:J.Y.Park, ペノメコ(PENOMECO) 作曲,編曲:J.Y.Park 參加 イェジ(예지) Hey hey hey yass whoo Beep beep Hey hey hey hey hey hey ユナ(유나) I see that I’m icy 私って最高にクールでしょ チェリョン(채령) Go rising up up
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ITZY (있지) (+) ICY
별빛같이 Icy Uhh shout out to 내 엄마 Thank you to 우리 Papa 좋은 것만 쏙 빼닮아 짠짠짜짠짠짠 당당하게 Let it go Here we go 길거리를 누비고 On a roll Background music이 깔려 Bomb bomb bomb bomb Icy but I’m on fire 내 안에 있는 Dream 난 자신 있어
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KLyrics – 있지 (ITZY) – ICY (English Ver.) Lyrics Genre :
있지 (ITZY) – ICY (English Ver.) Lyrics Genre : Pop Release Date : 2021-01-22 Language : English Hey hey hey ya Woo beep beep Hey hey hey hey hey hey I see
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